Elevate your business, inspire them with your passion, and invite them to be a part of your story.

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A branding photoshoot can go one of two ways…

The first is a ‘knock it out of the park’, crowd on their feet, home-run of a shoot.

Where you come away with everything you need and more. Buzzing with ideas, motivation, and a renewed passion for what you do. And with it, a collection of bespoke, professional images that’ll elevate your brand for years to come.

Or? They can be a bit…*meh*.

Let’s go for the first one, shall we?!

"We have just had a look through the photos and love them!! Thank you so so much, they look amazing"

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I want our branding shoot to have the most positive possible impact on your business. My approach centres around tailoring your experience- and your images- specifically to you, your dream clients, and what the future of your business needs. 

Our session will be a chance for you to take a step outside your business for a few hours. To drop the busyness of the day-to-day, reflect back on how far you’ve come, and get excited for the future. 

We’ll chat, play some music, have some fun. I’ll capture you in your element, doing what you do best. And together we’ll create images that invite people in. Into your business, into your excitement, into your vision. 

And sure, we’ll get all the branding photography must-haves (environment shots, final product hero shots, and all that jazz). But for me, the most exciting thing about your business is you. 

Let’s aim higher than stock photos with a face. Let’s connect with your customers in a real way, inspire them with your passion, and invite them to be a part of your story. 

Sound good? Great! Let me tell you how it works. 

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We’ll jump on a call, or go for a coffee/hot chocolate before either of us commit. We’ll chat about the shoot, throw some ideas around, and basically just get to know each other. It’s a bit like a first date (without the goodnight kiss). 

And if we’re not a good fit? Honestly, no drama. I know a few other branding photographers I can recommend who have different styles and approaches. The most important thing is you find someone who’s right for you. 

But if I’m the right person to bring your vision to life? Awesome! Cue: an even bigger happy dance (quite possibly in the coffee shop).

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Let’s talk details

You know that ‘home run of a shoot’ we were talking about? That doesn’t happen without a little bit of prep.

So once you’re all booked in, I’ll send you a questionnaire. And I want to know everything! All about your business, your story, your vision for the future. And most importantly, what you want to achieve from the shoot. 

We’ll create a mood board together, discuss styles, vibes. We’ll chat about how and where you’ll be using the images. And once we’ve got all that nailed down, we’ll make a detailed list of all your must-have shots. 

Before the shoot we’ll have one last call/coffee date to finalise all the finer details (outfits, backdrops, poses, props, etc.) And when the shoot day comes, we’ll hit the ground running.

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Your branding photoshoot

With all the ground work done, the day itself should be effortless. We’ll have a cuppa, and chat through the plan now we’re in the space together. And then we’ll crank the music up and get started!

And it’ll be fun! We’ll have a laugh, chat about your journey so far, you can tell me all about your business and all your ideas for the future.

And meanwhile, I’ll just be snapping away, capturing you in your element; happy, confident, and glowing with passion for what you do.

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Before we say goodbye...

As much as I want you to enjoy your experience with me, I also realise this is a business investment, and a big opportunity to elevate your brand. 

So before we finish for the day, we’ll sit down and go through our shot list together one last time. Shot by shot, frame by frame. To make sure you come away with absolutely everything you need to carry your business into the future.

Four weeks later, I’ll send you your collection of fully-edited, professional images.

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45 minutes


1 location


5 images included, more available to purchase

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2 hours


2 locations


20 images included, more available to purchase

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Bespoke packages for longer sessions or regular imagery updates for your business


Created for your needs billed on a weekly/monthly basis depending on requirements


Want to book yourself in for a branding photoshoot in Hampshire?

Your business is different from anyone else’s, with different profiles, different strategies, and different needs. And sometimes ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t fit.

If you think you’d benefit from a bespoke package, I’m always happy to work around what you need.

Whether you’re after a full-day shoot for the years ahead, regular injections of fresh content, or a more tailored arrangement, I’d be so excited to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s chat.