Wedding photography that’ll make your hearts race and your butterflies dance

I have a little theory about wedding photos. If they could be anyone’s, you’ll never love them for being yours.

I want to give you a wedding album that celebrates you. Embraces your every quirk, exalts your wonderful weirdness, celebrates your every perfectly imperfect imperfection (try saying that 5 times fast!) An album that’ll have you buzzing with every turn of the page…

“I can’t believe you did that”...“See? I told you I love you more!”...“What do you mean?! I look cool!”...“Awww, I love that, that’s so us”.

That’s the dream, right? A day where you get to just relax, let loose, and have fun. And photos so gorgeously, unmistakably you, they couldn’t possibly belong to anyone else.

Wanna get your Madonna Vogue on?!

I’m all about those infectiously fun, awesomely sassy wedding photos! And if I have to roll on my belly, swing from a chandelier, or balance a single chair-leg to give them to you, I will (or I’ll injure myself trying!)

You’ll never be left feeling lost, or unsure (it’s horrible not knowing where to stand, or what to do with your hands!) 

But if I do make suggestions, they'll be wide open for interpretation- and I mean, ‘Plains of Savanna’ wide. And that way, everything you do is something you would actually do! Every movement is natural, every moment is real, and every photo is yours. 

And sure, we’ll get the granny-pleaser group shots, and all that jazz. But it’s the in-between moments of magic we’re really after. And if there’s ever a staged moment? 

We’ll just have to throw in a whole lotta sass to make up for it!

colourful outfit wedding party

From the moment you book me as your wedding photographer, I’ll go above (to infinity!) and beyond to make sure you have the best day ever.

Now let’s get organised. Like, Monica organised. Some people like flowers and chocolates; my love language is spreadsheets and Pinterest boards! 

I’ll help you with your timeline for a buttery-smooth day. You’ll get tons of tips, styling inspo, and “ooh, good thinking!” hacks. And don’t worry, I won’t be taking over (I’m not *that* Monica!) But just imagine how calm you’ll feel knowing everything’s taken care of.

But here’s the thing. I don’t just want to help you plan *a* day. Let’s plan *your* day. 

Wanna have your wedding reception in a fairground? Do it! Always wanted to do a flash mob? Now’s the time! Fancy swapping your first dance for the hokey cokey? Why not?! (after all, that IS what it’s all about!) 

Forget the traditions, the trends, and the bullshit pressure. Let’s celebrate your love in a way that’s right for you.

Wedding Pricing & Packages:



4 hours coverage


Minimum of 250 professionally edited photographs


Online gallery with all full-res images to share with your guests for 1-Year


FREE engagement photoshoot

Starting from



woodland kiss bride and groom forest

10 Hours coverage


Minimum of 500 professionally edited photographs


Online gallery with all full-res images to share with your guests for 1-Year


FREE engagement photoshoot

Starting from



couple elopement castle

I offer bespoke packages for elopements & destination weddings so you can choose the coverage that's right for you on your big day


Contact me today with your adventure plans for a quote just for you



stylist table set up wedding


If you love the nostalgic rawness that film photography has to offer then this is a great addition to your package.

I use a Nikon L35 AF.

You can choose if you would like colour or black and white film.

From £45

groom putting on cufflinks


Having a second shooter gives you more coverage to capture those moments of your guests, the details happening behind the scenes and capturing more of your magical day from different angles.

From £250 for 5 hours coverage

couple first dance laughing


If you would like more coverage throughout the day, more of the party or something additional is happening then I am happy to accommodate additional hours.

From £200/hr

fairground kiss
couple riding merry go round
bride and groom elopement walking on beach

It might surprise you, but I’m not the only wedding photographer in Hampshire...

*pause for effect* I KNOW! SHOCKING, RIGHT?! 

Seriously though, choosing your wedding photographer is the most important decision you’ll make after saying yes. And the thing is, we’re all so different. Different styles, different approaches. And most importantly, different personalities. 

And that’s where you need to get super-picky. As in, ‘searching for another soulmate’ picky. 

Because when the confetti has settled, and your guests have all gone home, your photos will always be there. You’re not just choosing someone to take photos. You’re trusting someone to tell the story, and carry your day into the future.

If you think I might be that person for you, I’d be so excited to hear from you. Get in touch today and let’s get to know each other.

"You instantly made us feel comfortable in from of the camera and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves"

Callum & Emma