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Hey, I’m Elle

Travel lover, sour-sweet enthusiast, adrenaline fiend, jazzy shirt collector, and your own personal cheerleader!

I live a happy life in Hampshire, with my wonderful husband Josh, and our border collie, Charlie (she’s a girl, by the way).

We love music in our house. I play piano (badly), and Josh plays bass guitar. I sing (secretly)…give me an empty car and an open road, and I’ll belt out showtunes like Idina!

I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker on the quiet. I’ve been wing-walking, skydiving, canyon-diving, all sorts. It’s amazing how peaceful it gets when you’re screaming.

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Oh, and I LOVE to travel. I did 3 summers of Camp America as a watersports instructor. I’ve road-tripped around America, backpacked South East Asia. I’ve couch-surfed Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been a lifeguard, a waitress, a warehouse packer (*deep breath*), a wildlife sanctuary volunteer, an au pair, a dog walker! 

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And now here I am. Back on home soil like a grownup, with a dog and a husband, movie nights and everything!

So that’s my highlight reel so far. If you think I have ‘new best friend’ potential, come and have a look at my weddings page and see how I work.

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Once Upon a Time in Lockdown...

I fell in love with photography during Covid. I’d go for my ‘one walk a day’, and meet up with friends in my ‘bubble’ (throwback sentence or what?!) We’d go to the beach; vent, rant, offload to each other how shit we were feeling. And it became a thing where I’d just bring my camera along with me.

But it wasn’t the actual taking of the photos that made me fall in love with them.

As I looked through the images afterwards, there was a story in each face; overwhelm, happiness, concern. There was a rawness to them; a naked vulnerability. 

And for me, that’s what makes photography so beautiful, so fragile, and so honest. You're catching a memory as it’s formed. You can’t turn up the joy in post, or photoshop out discomfort. They are feelings, bottled.

And as your photographer, that will always be my ‘why’. To capture the inimitable beauty of the moment- the fluidity of movement, the honest, raw emotion. And whenever possible, to make sure those moments are the best they can be.

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