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I want to give you memories of a day where you felt absolutely incredible. Buzzing with rockstar levels of confidence, and floating in a happy bubble that cannot be popped.

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Hey, I’m Elle

Hampshire wedding photographer, pizza addict, dog mama, Disney lover, adventure seeker and hopeless romantic.

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My photography serves vintage vibes, with a cheeky bit o’ nostalgia and a whole lotta sass! Fun, free-spirited wedding photos filled with energy, movement and laughter. 

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I’ll chase sunsets with you, run through fields, and adventure out into the rain. I’ll catch every moment of intimacy, and affection, and paint your love story across every inch of every frame. 

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Because you’ll always remember how you felt, you know? How happy you were, how comfortable, how free. 

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There’s a weird thing that happens around a stranger with a camera. And it always starts the same…

You spot them lurking, and spy the lens. A double-take; a mid-sentence nudge, and a nod to the camera.

Then it’s clammy palms, and a ‘What do I do with my arms?!’ panic. Oh my God, you’ve forgotten how to be a human. Your face starts doing a weird smile that definitely isn’t yours and…*click.* 

If only there was another way…

*Elle enters dramatically* 

Hakuna matata! I got you. As your wedding photographer, I’m going for high-fives and hugs, not Chandler Bing smiles. 

I’ll be chatting with you, laughing with you, making memories with you. Hugging nans, sneaking cake with the kids, lassoing people onto the dancefloor…basically just making sure everyone’s having the best day ever! 

Because that’s what you want, right? Not some awkward, half-story, where everyone’s on their best behaviour. But the real story. Captured in all its raw, romantic awesomeness, and told by someone who was a part of it.

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